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The sun is shining (finally), the beer gardens are full and public transport is even more unbearable than usual. British summertime is finally here!

Here are our top ten tips on how to stay cool in the work place, whether that is at home or the office:

Close your blinds

Keeping the hot air out is the best way to stay cool at work, especially if you are lucky enough to have air conditioning in your office.  Most work places will have computers, machinery and other devices emitting heat so the windows may well need to be opened, but keeping the blinds closed will stop the sun coming in and creating a ‘greenhouse effect’.

Have a dress down day

If your type of work allows it, dress comfortably to stay cool at work.  The best things to wear are breathable gym and sport fabrics that can help to cool the body.  Most of your clients/customers will be wearing shorts and t-shirts, and it’s highly unlikely than any of them will mind that you are too on the odd hot occasion.

Stay hydrated

Make sure you keep your fluids up.  Simple ice water is great but anything with caffeine in it will help to make you feel more dehydrated so avoid the traditional teas and coffees.

Eat cold meals

This seems like a no brainer, but eating a hot meal at your desk will not help you stay cool at work.  If you are lucky enough to have a fridge in the office then bring watery fruits in to eat throughout the day.  If you are that one step luckier, and have a freezer then ice lollies are even better.  Higher calorie meals increase your core temperature so keep it light.

Turn off the lights

Although modern LED lights are more efficient, some older light bulbs can produce as much heat as light, heating the room considerably more than if they were off.  If the natural light in your workplace is good enough to work by, then make the most of it and turn off the extra heat generators.  Consider turning off anything that is not needed, as even in standby mode most electronic devices emit heat.

Use fans strategically

Fans simply blow around the air that they are positioned in, so if the room is full of hot air then they won’t help the situation.  Put a fan by an open window to push out the warm air and pull in cooler air from outside.  Fans should also be blowing down on you, not up on you as hot air rises.

Avoid strenuous exercise

Again, a no brainer if your line of work allows it.  Now is probably not the best time to reorganise the cellar or change the furniture layout.  Do as little physical activity as possible to keep the exertion levels low.

Cool your wrists

Run your wrists under a cold tap for five seconds every couple of hours, this will cool the main vein that runs through there. Even better if you can attach an ice pack to them whilst still working, or keep your feet in a bowl of cold water.

Use After-sun products

Even if you haven’t actually been out directly in the sun, after-sun products or aloe vera gels will help bring down your body temperature.

Stop moaning about how hot it is!

It wastes energy and it’ll be cold soon enough and probably for six months or more, so enjoy having fewer layers on whilst it lasts!

Now go and enjoy the sunshine after work and make the most of it because it won’t be long before it disappears again!