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How cold can it get before I can leave work?

With winter now in full swing and the accompanying cold weather with it, we have seen many people ask “how cold can my office get before I can go home?” Firstly, there is no specific law that outlines…

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The weirdest excuses for missing the personal tax deadline and the most dubious expense claims

With just a week to go before the deadline for filing self assessment personal tax returns for 2017/18 on 31st January, HMRC has released its list of the weirdest excuses given to them for missing the cut off.…

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Pension contributions change from April 2019

Auto enrolment pension contribution rates will rise from April 2019. Currently, the minimum pension contributions to an auto enrolment pension scheme is 5% of qualifying earnings, with at least 2% of that coming from the employer. From 6th…

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