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Some Xero users have been experiencing bank feed issues since the changes that came in at the end of last year.

Xero changed how its bank feeds work late last year to comply with new EU regulations, and some users – depending on which banks they use – have been experiencing difficulties in importing their transactions automatically.  Some have had duplicated transactions come across, and others have had transactions totally missed.

When looking at a bank account in Xero, you should see a statement balance’ and ‘balance per Xero’.  The ‘statement balance’ number should agree to the figure on your physical bank statement as at the date quoted.  If it does not, they you probably have duplicate or missing transactions.

You can check for any known bank feed issues with Xero on the link here, but if this does not answer your query than please either contact your accountant or Xero directly to see if there are any underlying issues.

The important thing to remember is that it can be fixed – duplicates can be deleted out and anything missing can be imported in to get you back on track.