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Invoicing in Xero is now even better!

Xero have made improvements to it’s already great invoicing process this year. It’s now easier and more efficient to invoice in your customers than ever before, even via your smart device on the mobile app Xero Touch.

If you are already a Xero user, or considering making the switch to it then watch the video below to see how invoicing in Xero works:

What’s new for invoicing in Xero:

  • Your changes are saved automatically as you create and edit an invoice. And you can easily preview the invoice.
  • You can show and hide fields in your invoice to suit your business. Only certain fields are shown in your final approved invoice.
  • You can add a contact on the fly. As you’re creating an invoice for a new contact, you can save the contact and add some basic information about them to your records in Xero.
  • You can edit inventory items on the fly within your invoice

This is on top of all the existing features:

  • Set up repeating invoices

    Xero automatically creates, saves and emails recurring invoices for you – it takes the work out of remembering to invoice regular customers.

  • Take the work out of chasing payments

    Xero can send automated invoice reminders for you. All you have to decide is when and how often the reminders are sent out. You can also see whether your customer has seen an invoice and if it’s been paid.

  • Better security with online invoices

    The Xero online invoices you send are protected from unauthorised changes – unlike a PDF attached to an email. Within Xero, invoice editing is limited and a record is kept of the main invoice actions. To fend off unauthorised access, we recommend enabling two-step authentication on your Xero account and on your email account too.

  • Create online invoices quickly

    Reduce repetitive manual data entry and speed up your invoicing by using preset inventory items, replicating previous invoices, and setting up repeating invoices.

  • Bulk send invoices

    Send all of your invoices out at the same time. Or email multiple invoices, including overdue ones, to a single customer at once – the customer can then pay the full amount in one go.

  • Oncharge billable expenses

    Get your money back on costs by passing them on to the customer. Assign expenses to a customer when you add receipts or enter bills, and then attach them to a customer invoice.

  • Replicate your last invoice

    Xero saves you time by letting you make a copy of the last invoice you sent to a customer. Just update any parts that you need to and send it off to the customer.

To talk to us about this – or any other aspect of Xero – then get in touch on the details above.