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The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) has warned firms to cut down on the amount of alcohol present at work functions as it releases a new poll.

The poll says that nearly a third of the managers asked have witnessed inappropriate behaviour at work parties related to alcohol. It also found 42% felt that activities should be organised around activities not involving alcohol and that people aged 16 to 34 were more likely to agree with that.

Obviously most businesses do not want to expose their staff to danger or harassment in the first place and may have safeguarding in place. However, they should also be aware that events expose the business to further risk as well. If the firm is found to have behaved inappropriately and not safe guarded staff correctly, there could be legal and financial consequences to face.

Social norms should dictate how people behave at functions, but alcohol can change that behaviour. It is wise for businesses to remind their staff exactly what is expected of them and the standard of behaviour required BEFORE any event takes place.