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We love Xero here at Flamingo Accounting and make no secret about it.

Our team have been using and recommending it for years now, and it is our tool of choice for businesses looking to grow.  We offer a range of services from initial set up and Xero training to conversion and ongoing support, as well as helping you find and choice any add-ons that may suit your business.

Set up

Xero is very straight forward to use and understand but like with any new system the initial set up is key.  Bank accounts, tax rates, reporting dates and invoice details are just some of the things that you need to get right at the outset to make sure there is not a problem further down the line.


If you are moving to Xero from another accounting system then as well as the initial set up, you will need to convert from your old system, moving across contact information, existing account balances and tax information.

This doesn’t have to just be a data processing exercise but is a perfect chance for you to spring clean your accounts – getting rid of the contacts you haven’t traded with for a long time and the account codes you haven’t used in years.  You can create the codes you need now, the tracking categories you want to focus on and groups of contacts.

Xero Training

Our bespoke Xero training sessions are designed with you in mind. We have no set, rigid process to follow as we realise everyone is at different stages of their Xero journey, and has different levels of bookkeeping experience.  Whether you are making the switch to Xero from another system or Xero is your first every experience of bookkeeping, we can assist and tailor it to your needs.

We can do face to face training within London or Southampton, or via online webinar if you are further afield or struggle to have all staff in one place.

Ongoing support

Although Xero is very simple to use, some people are still more comfortable knowing that they have an expert on hand to contact, which is why we offer ongoing Xero support packages. These can be as bespoke to you as the training is, tailored for what you need.

You might only need our help for just the first couple of weeks whilst you get used to the system, or maybe until you’ve done the first VAT return. But, you may also want ongoing continued Xero support if you’re not a natural bookkeeper.


Xero has a whole directory of add-on applications that work along side it to help you streamline your sales route and internal systems.  From stock management to direct debits to front end sales systems, there are add-on applications for a whole variety of your needs and we can help you pick the right ones for you.

To speak to us about having bespoke Xero training or assistance with a conversion from a Certified Xero Adviser then please get in touch on the details above.

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